Bathroom Remodeling

From top to bottom, we will work closely with you to help make your dream bathroom into a reality!

We have built up a strong reputation over a number of years as a premium bathroom remodeling provider.

Remodeling this room in your home is, we feel, very much a collaborative experience. You will no doubt have in your mind an idea of what you want your bathroom to look at the end of the process.

We will work closely with you to assess and advise on each stage of that vision. We won’t promise something we can’t deliver – but we will work to complete plans that come as close to what you picture in your mind.

Where necessary, we will also provide work-arounds and alternatives if any parts of your plans prove to be unfeasible.

We can easily be reached at (703) 997-1421 during working hours, and by submitting the free estimate request form during after hours.

We will help you make the best decisions on the big bathroom remodeling in Alexandria VA questions like:


What kind of floor is in your dream bathroom? What materials, what colors, what designs?

Is it a traditional, hardwearing tile floor? Or do you really want to make an impact with an uber stylish material like natural stone?

We will talk you through all of the options, along with their prices and the installation times and methods, so you know exactly what you’re going to get, how much it will cost and how it will be installed.

Bath, Shower – or Both?

In your dream bathroom, what do the fixtures look like? Is there a bath or a shower cubicle?

Or is there both?

There are advantages to both of course and we can discuss these with you during our initial consultation.

Of course, there may well be a bath in your dream bathroom, but you may think there is not enough space. Well, the joy of a remodeling project is that it’s possible to completely reconfigure a room if needs be, which can often open up more usable space than the original layout.

Don’t give up on those dreams of long, relaxing soaks in a bath until you’ve spoken to us – you’ll be surprised at what we can do!

Full Power

Many bathrooms are frankly underpowered, equipped with old-fashioned 15 amp circuits when many power hungry devices – like hair dryers – work best on a 20 amp system.

As part of your bathroom rebuild, we can also address this issue, and offer a full rewiring of the room to ensure that all products – from lights to plug in appliances – work perfectly every single time. 


Finally, the biggest advantage of a compete bathroom remodel is that you can finally have a bathroom built to your unique specifications. 

For example, is the cabinet mirror behind the sink placed too high for you? Are you on tip-toes to brush your teeth?

Bring it back down to your level.

Is the shower nozzle too low, and you have to duck to get your head underneath? We can rebuild and place it at a higher height.

The choice is, quite literally, all yours – so call us in for a no obligation consultation, and we can start the process of turning your dream bathroom into a reality! 

Looking for an expert to come out and provide you with a free quote? Call (703) 997-1421 and we’ll be on our way.